Week 6

Pigs Power Rankings

1. Robbens Vinegar Strokes: Up 3 Spots: Big win over The Crossed Hands to take the top spot out of their hands. This team is winning by the skin of their teeth every week but they can not stop winning, with 4 straight now

2. The Crossed Hands: Down 1 Spot: Tough loss where they just did not score an amount to beat even most teams. Have got to win the games where you opponent only puts up 104. Cant have this happen to often if they want to keep in the running for 1st place.

3. BOOOOLARZ: No Movement:  Another big win and another 120+ point week. Inconsistent up until this point but now has 2 straight good wins, this team is on the way up/

4. King Klose Klub: Up 4 Spots: STILL not scoring points like a top contender but continues to get teams that can not seem to score on them. A huge win over a very good team this week moves them up quickly. These wins will go a long way later in the year if their luck finally goes away.

5. Motor Boating SOB: Down 2 Spots: A rough loss, you can almost copy what I said for the Crossed Hands word for word here. Need to win games like this when their opponent cant put up huge numbers.

. Zoltan Da Munificent: Up 1 Spot: Trying to break into that top tier of teams. Big win over a lifeless opponent but this is their second huge offensive week in a row. Keep up the scoring and they will be in the elite tier very quickly.

7-9: Italian Supper Club, Fuck It, Chmura Hot Tub Party: All of these teams have been so up and down this year I honestly down know wear to place them other than all together close to the bottom. None of them can put up good points consistently.

10: The Cholistas: Another week, another loss. Not much else to see. Clearly the worst in the league. Very little hope here.



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