Week 6 – Derp Derp Derp


A derpy week for Eli and a derpy week for the league. We did have a game come down to Monday night but that was anticlimactic and we did have some good individual performances but no game was really close. There does seem to be a significant divide forming in the league with a clear top tier of teams, a clear middle tier and a clear bottom tier. It will be interesting to see if any of the shitshows in the bottom tier decide to nut up and get into that middle tier and possibly a playoff spot. Interesting to point out that for the first time after the first week we have no ties in playoff positions. So the bottom 4 are the bottom and the top 6 are the top 6. But enough of this shit, let’s get these derptastic games.

Sko: 147.68 – Josh: 97.56
Speaking of derpiness there is really only 1 player to talk about first. Take a bow Josh Rageth, you now have the worst start in league history and are only 2 games away from tying your own record of most consecutive losses. You truly are in inspiration to this league. An inspiration to do the exact opposite of. Sko took advantage of Josh, and went in for Sloppy Sixths and ended up leaving Josh with the biggest blowout of the week. Another fun fact, this is the 4th consecutive week Sko has been involved in the biggest blowout. 2 weeks giving the blowout and 2 weeks taking it. Steve/Sko really are the Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde of the league. If Jekyll and Hyde had some super fucked up fetish’s and then practiced those on themselves.


Tyler: 134 – Dan: 87.72
I really don’t understand what happens when Dan plays Tyler. I’m not sure anyone understands it, Tyler included. Every time Tyler decides to Hulk out and Dan decides he is just gonna lay there and take it. And Tyler has decided that’s just how he is gonna play this season. Each of his 2 wins have been when he just goes off on his opponent. Dan on the other hand has just been getting not handed to him from every way this year. He is the only team with more than 700 points scored against and has already passed 750. I really wish I could schedule a whole season of Tyler vs Dan, just to see what would happen.


Noah: 132.24 – Schlecht: 102.74
Schlecht was already doing a Christmas sugarplum fairy dance thinking about the playoffs after his second win and then Noah came in and crushed those happy dreams like Tom Brady crushes pussy. (Ok, not a great example. We all know Gisele has to dress up like Gronk for Tom to feel anything down south.) Schlecht actually had a solid day but Noah gave no fucks and moved himself into massive cluster fuck of a tie for 2nd place.


Jordan: 105.02 – Connor: 96.14
Montmich: 104.50 – Haskins: 88.92
And the last 2 games I am gonna lump together because they had much to do with each other. Jordan and I were playing for a share of first place with the loser moving into that second place cluster. Haskins was playing for first as well with Montmich moving into 2nd if he could beat Haskins. Got all that? So what happened? I think we will all agree the worst case scenario happened. Rage squeaked out a lucky win over me to and Montmich finally scored over 100 again, barely, but picked up the win over Haskins. So Rage takes full control of first place, Haskins and I drop down tied with MontMich and Noah all for second place. And its gonna get even crazier this next week as Montmich and I play and Rage plays Haskins. Get ready for the craziest part of the season ladies and gentleman (Dan is the lone gentleman in this league.)


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