Week 5


1. The Crosses Handsnowirst loss of the season. Their team still had a decent week that could have been much better of Harvin could have kept 1 of his 3 TDs.

2. Motoring Boating SOB: After a rough week 1 this team has come storming back to 4 straight wins. The top 2 are very interchangeable.

3. BOOOLARZ: 3-2 only but lots of points scored and a Pats heavy team that always gets better as the year goes on.

4. Robbens Vinegar Strokes: A great start to the year at 4-1 and 3 straight wins and has gotten past a lot of injuries. Only reason they are not higher is because of those injuries possibly hurting them later in the year.

5. Italian Supper Club: Got crushed this last week but has scored solid points the rest of the year and has just gotten tons of points scored against. That should change.

6. Zoltan Da Munificent: So inconsistent so far this season but is scoring points and getting them scores on him and still has managed 2 tough wins.

7. King Klose Klub: A year deceiving 3-2 record. Barely broken 500 points scored and now has only gone above 100 in one week. It looms more and more like week 1 was a fluke and is just getting huge help from the schedule.

8. Fuck It: This team has finally found its legs. Granted a win over a barely existent Cholistas isn’t a huge accomplishment, it still is a win and a solid 102 point performance.

9. Chmura’s Hottub Party: Also extremely inconsistent and getting lots of points scored but the problem is its either huge points or next to nothing. Need to win those close games.

10. The Cholistas: Barely even showing up each week. Least points scored by a mile and now 2 games out of the playoff race and that amount could go up quickly.


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