Week 2

1. The K.K.K.(Last Week:1-Change:0) – A step back from an awe inspiring week 1 but still got the win. Not gonna get many wins with only 74 points but this one will go a long way.

2. The Asshole Owner Who Keeps Changing His Team Name (Last Week:4-Change:2) – A very good overall performance even with no AP. If AP can keep his spot in the league and this team can get into the playoffs the addition of Josh Gordon could be big.

3. Italian Supper Club (Last Week:2-Change:-1) – Takes a tough loss even after putting up a solid week. The promise of week 1 still keeps this team highly ranked and its easier to swallow a loss when you get 166 put up on you.


4. BOOOLARZ (Last Week:3-Change:-1) – A weak 91 point week here and the first loss of the year. But only drops 1 point due to most of the league sitting at that 1-1 record. For now cant drop this team too far.

5. Zoltan Da Munificent (Last Week:8-Change:3) – Ranked 8th last week now seems quite low. Put up a good score this week and looks to be back among the pack.

6. Motor Boatin’ S.O.B. (Last week:7-Change:1) – 100 point showing gets the first win of the year and get this team back on track. Gonna need more points to play in the big games but showing promise now.

7.  Mark Chmura Hot Tub Party (Last Week:9-Change:2) – A huge games this week, almost doubling what they put up the week before. But hesitant to put them up too high too early. Will need more convincing.

8. The Cholistas (Last Week:5-Change:-3) – 0-2 to start out the year and not a great game this last week. But this team still has some promise, just need to get the pieces right. Just cant get into too big of a hole if they want to make a playoff run.

9. Robbens Vinegar Strokes (Last Week:6-Change:-3) – A very rough week here after getting a checky win in week 1. Injuries and underperforming have hurt this team badly so far. Gotta hope that these issues work out ASAP before its too late.

10. Charlie Brunja (Last Week:10-Change:0) – The more things change, the more things stay the same. Top of the rankings stay the same, so does the bottom. This team has gotta turns things around and either make some waiver moves or a big trade because the current roster is not getting it done.


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