Week 1

Pigs Power Rankings
Week One

1. The K.K.K.- Top 5 week of all time and the best draft according to Yahoo. Easy early favorite.

2. Italian Supper Club – A great week that was only overshadowed by an all time great performance. Never count out the reining champ.

3. BOOOLARZ – Picking up where they left off after a solid year last year. Has slowly become a league contender.

Week 1 - PPP

4. The First Post – A somewhat surprising start for the Shaft Master. Going to need consistency to stay away from the shaft this year.

5. The Cholistas – First surprise here. Jumping in front of Robben because this team is better as soon as Newton is healthy.

6. Robbens Vinegar Strokes – Not top 5 because a win over a completely flaccid Default Mumples but will take the win.

7. Motor Boating S.O.B. – History says this team is better than what they showed but early signs this season show it could be a rough one.

8. Zolton Da Munificent – Very similar to the S.O.B.s above him. Lackluster performance means have to believe in current players to get better or make some waiver/trade moves.

9. Chmura’s Hot tub Party – Basically did exactly what we expected. Hard to be mad at a team that is this consistent. They are just consistently not good.

10. The Default Mumples – A former champion has never looked worse. A complete lack of a performance and massive underperforming by players means things better change fast if this team wants to not dig an early hole.


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