Week 14 – Playoffs – 2013

Just a short little recap this week but damn was it an entertaining two games. Two rematches from week 12 and another edition of tr great Dan vs Tyler rivalry. And you know you have a great rivalry one your hands when you get Mr. I Won’t Say Hell Dan Weltzin to start talking trash.

But let’s start with Sko vs Montmich game. Week 12, Sko needed a win to get his playoff spot, MontMich was on a hot streak and trying to lock up a good playoff seed. In the end Sko came away with a easy 20 point victory that week. This week was anything but an easy victory. Sko apparently cut off his extracurricular activities with Steve and decided to just bust his nut all over these playoffs. Going into Monday night he had a 50 point lead and had scored 110 points. It looked all but lost for MontMich. He only had a backup QB to go and it was his season on the line. But Josh McCown showed up. To the tune of 20 points in the first half. That had MontMich praying and dreaming of a 30 point second half. Which he came up short by an agonizing 1.5 points short of. 2 yards was all he need to get the bonus 350 yard points, which would have given him the win. It was about as good of a playoff game as you could ask for and Sko is wiping the sweat from his brow and the grease from his dick but he got the win and moves on to the semis.

And the other matchup was the exact definition of poetic fucking justice. Tyler scored his second highest point total of the season and his highest since week 8. And Dan still fucking took it to him. At long last a good performance for Dan against Tyler, and more than just a good performance, a 173 point performance that ends Tyler’s joke of a run. While Tyler’s team will go down in history as one of the most over achieving teams in history, thank Thor it won’t go down as the winner of The Hammer.

Which brings is to next week. Where the REAL playoffs start. A full slate of games, trophies will be won, dreams will be crushed, 2 teams will be one step closer to Immortality while 2 teams will be closer to the worse Shafting they have ever received.


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