Week 13 PPP – 2013

Pigs Power Rankings
1. BOOLARZ: Up 3 spots: Not a great win this week but finishes atop the standings all by themselves because of a win this week.
2. Take Yo Panties Off: Up 1 Spot: What. The. Actual. Fuck. Another 100 point game and beats the team that former number 1 team. Right now they are the 2nd hottest team in the league.
3. The Booby Watchers: Down 2 spots: A tough loss but still keeps their first round bye. Cant afford a week like this in the playoffs.
4. Get Off My Lawn: Up 1 spot: Big points and a big week this week has got this team a lot of momentum going into the playoffs.
5. Lui’s Denture Service: Down 3 spots: A close loss but to a team not in the playoffs. Losses like that will happen but cant afford them after this week. A gift of a matchup in the first round as this team has fallen apart in the 2nd part of the season.
6. Steve Da Butt Pirate: No Change: A lot of points but a close win. But a win is a win and makes sure this team is going into the playoffs with a win.
7. The Iron Meat Curtain: Up 1 spots: Missing the playoffs because of points scored, getting the Ham of the Shaft after missing the playoffs on points scored is even worse. This team will have to do what it takes to avoid that.
8. Ira Grande: Down 1 spot: A win could have made in interesting for that final playoff spot, instead they did nothing with all the potential from the draft and end up in the Shafting.
9. Old Uncle T-Bag: Up 1 spot: A loss to end the season but still put up 130 points to end the season on a positive and with some hope to avoid the Shaft.
10. Ben Kaiser Purple Heart Club: Least points scored and a bad loss in the last game of the season. Might have won one more game than T-Bag but still has a better chance at winning the dreaded shaft.


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