Week 12 PPP – 2013

Pigs Power Rankings

1. The Booby Watchers: up 1 spot: A big win and a big point total with 144 puts this team in the best chance for securing a first round bye and has to be the favorite for The Hammer.

2. Lui’s Denture Service: down 1 spot: A tough loss but with all the other top teams losing this team doesn’t drop much. Needs to be consistent if they want The Hammer.

3. Take Yo Panties Off: up 1 spot: another 100 point game and another win means another spot up. Top 3 is unbelievable for this fluke of a team.

4. Booolarz: no change: his worst loss of the year but due to dropping down last week and teams below him losing he stays in at 4.

5. Get off my lawn: down 2 spots: a loss to a team near the bottom of the table and a failure to put up 80 points drops this team down but still a solid contender.

6. Steve Da Butt Pirate: up 2 spots: a good win over a hot Get Off My Lawn puts this team as the dark horse going into the playoffs. If they get hot they could surprise some people.

7. Ira Grande: down 1 a spot: a good week but still drops a spot because of the loss. Needs some help to get into the playoffs.

8. The Iron Meat Curtain. Down 1 spot: a loss to Ben Kaiser Purple Heart drops this team a spot but still stays in front of the Purple Heart due to consistency.

9. Ben Kaiser Purple Heart Club: no change: a close win gives the slightest of chances at a playoff spot but mostly just ruining other teams hopes at this time.

10. Old Uncle T-Bag: no change: the first win in 7 weeks breathes life into this team, the question is can they just this to avoid the shaft of shame?


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