Week 7 PPP

Pigs Power Rankings: Week 7

1. The Two Headed Dog: Up 1 Spot: Not the best, not many points and over a team that has not been able to put up points this season but a win that puts this team back into first place in the rankings. A win in a down week is always a good win.

2. BOOOOLARZ: Up 1 Spot: Another big win to make it 3 in a row and the third week in a row they have scored more than 115 points. Keeping up this pace will see them take over the first place spot very soon.

3. Motor Boating SOB: Up 2 Spots: A big win over the former first place team to come back from their second loss of the season. The best way to come back to a loss is to get yourself tied for first place again.

4. Robbens Vinegar Strokes: Down 3 Spots: Almost a 30 point loss after taking over first place, and the lowest points per game of the top 4 teams but still only took their second loss this week.

5.  Zoltan Da Munificent: Up 1 Spot: On a streak of crushing their opposition. Third straight game with more than 125 points and third straight win of 30 points or more. Early season losses are the only thing holding this team back from fighting for first place.

6. King Klose Klub: Down 2 Spots: The only thing this team does consistently is consistently score an inconsistent amount of points. Have been all over the board this year, this week it hurt them. They need to find a way to win without hoping their opponents score less than 80 points.

7-9. Italian Supper Club, Fuck It, Chmuras Hot Tub Party: All 3 lost in embarressing fashion, the only thing keeping them out of the last spot is how poor the last place team is.

10. Apathy: Finally got their first win but still a giant hole to climb out out.